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Corporate Responsibility Policy Statement
Corporate Responsibility Policy Statement


Credit Libanais Group Sustainability Policy Statement


We at Credit Libanais Group are conscious of our important role in the communities where we operate, and are committed to creating value to all our stakeholders. 


Our long-term corporate responsibility relies on balancing the needs of people, planet and profits to ensure the continued success and sustainability of the Group.


Our Core Values are defined by high standards of ethics, integrity and transparency, and are based on a solid compliance with national and international banking regulations and best practices.


We strategically focus on the following sustainability pillars:


Sustainable Economy

We promote economic growth through our responsible financing activities, and converge efforts to sustain financial profitability and continue to create jobs and value to shareholders.  By facilitating access to capital, we ensure financial inclusion, as well as social and economic stability.



Based on the solid foundations of good corporate governance frameworks, transparency and regular disclosure of information, we take responsibility of our actions and actively contribute to a safe and sound banking system, one that fosters trust and promote staff, customers and shareholders value.


Responsible Financing

We strive to ensure that our customers do not invest in companies that violate internationally recognized principles in the areas of human rights, employee rights, the environment and anti-corruption.  We also consider that our Social and Environmental Management System (SEMS) ensures that risks and impacts related to customers’ business activities and projects are identified and assessed early in the Bank’s planning and decision making processes.


Environmental Sustainability

We weigh the importance of regularly reviewing and updating our lending strategies to align them with industry standards in terms of Social and Responsible Investment (SRI).  Our strategy centers around three priorities: (i) reducing the intensity of our environmental footprint; (ii) promoting environmentally responsible business activity; and (iii) offering environmental products and services.


Responsible Customer Experience

Based on a culture of transparency and responsible marketing practices, we offer the appropriate products and services to each customer, based upon the latter’s best interests and risk appetite.   We do believe that a sound relationship with customers based on standards of suitability, transparency, fairness and equitability, added to a clear mechanism for complaints handling across CL banking Group, promotes a better customer experience, one that is centered on trust.   


Responsible People Capital Optimization

We consistently improve the capability of our strongest assets, our people, to drive sustainable performance while helping them thrive and achieve their goals.  The human resources policy is consistent with the requirements of the national law, and working conditions are structured around the collective labor agreement, procedures of non-discrimination, open communication and promoting employee health, safety and well-being.


Strategic Partnerships

We engage into strategic partnerships with local and international bodies to provide financing at low cost and therefore achieve social and environmental impacts across the Bank’s activities. In this perspective, we further build on our banking inclusion strategy to reach out to an increasing number of Lebanese in towns and remote areas across Lebanon, at an affordable cost, in line with our vision and mission. 

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