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Corporate Responsibility and the Communities
Corporate Responsibility and the Communities

Credit Libanais Group believes in its fundamental role in society and its responsibility to create a long-term value for all stakeholders. Safeguarding our culture and protecting our heritage and family values is vital to maintaining our unique identity.


To materialize our sustainability strategy, we support:

  • Economic growth in communities where we do business.
  • Initiatives that help build well-being, wealth and capacity.
  • Resources to promote economic self-sufficiency.
Educational and Academic Events

We constantly contribute to university and school events that aim at offering professional guidance and presenting different employers to students.  CL is regularly present at major events such as job fairs and forums that were held in various universities across Lebanon.  

Professional Conferences

To encourage exchange of new developments among peer professionals and reinforce channels of communication in various industries, we sponsor many a conference over the course of the year, encompassing a variety of sectors such as banking, economic, medical, social, financial and many other aspects of the Lebanese dynamic society. 

Cultural and Heritage Events

CL supports music and cultural festivals organized in various Lebanese cities and towns throughout the seasons, in view of encouraging arts, reviving traditions and preserving our unique heritage.  We sponsor several cultural activities that bring us closer to our communities and enable us leverage our partnerships with them, thereby doubling the rewards. By helping them prosper, Credit Libanais prospers as well. 


Our selected contributions to professional, educational, sports, cultural and social activities have positively impacted the communities we work in and by the same token, boosted CL’s image in various Lebanese regions and towns.

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