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Corporate Responsibility and Responsible Financing
Corporate Responsibility and Responsible Financing

Credit Libanais Group always seeks sustainable investments in view of maximizing financial returns while achieving social and environmental good. We remain committed to regularly reviewing our credit facilities granting processes in view of securing profitable incentives for the Bank while alleviating our footprint and that of our customers and/or communities.

Responsible Financing

We strive to constantly assure customers that their funds are not invested in companies that violate internationally recognized principles in the areas of human rights, employee rights, the environment and anti-corruption.

Banking Inclusion Strategy

Part of our responsibility towards our community is to support financial inclusion to ensure that everyone has access to financial services.  In this perspective, Credit Libanais further builds on its banking inclusion strategy to reach out to an increasing number of Lebanese in towns and remote areas across Lebanon, at an affordable cost.

While domiciling employees’ salaries at our Bank enables the private and public sectors to easily pay employees through a bank account, such a procedure usually reduces operating costs and boosts the efficiency of institutions.  Consequently, new account holders cash their salaries at Credit Libanais and have access to a variety of banking products and services. 

Focused Public Sector Initiatives

In a move towards facilitating the banking experience of public sector servants and enhancing the financial inclusion ratios, special retail loans (car, personal, housing) targeting the Lebanese Army and Security Forces are specially designed to that purpose.  

A Special Housing Loan Protocol signed with the Beirut Bar Association

This protocol aims at providing housing loans at preferential interest rates to lawyers registered with the Beirut Bar Association, enabling lawyers to acquire or build a primary residence in Lebanon.   

A Special Housing Loan Protocol with the Lebanese Customs Authorities

This protocol aims at providing housing loans at preferential interest rates to Lebanese Customs officers and agents, according to the Protocol signed with our bank.

Facilitating Access to Capital through Lending Partnerships

We have partnered with international lending institutions with a view to providing access to affordable capital to wider segments of our communities. Such partnerships may be in the form of risk sharing, capital allocation or guarantees. Whenever possible, we try to match these funds with existing subsidies in the Lebanese market in order to lower the cost of borrowing for our customers.

Building Capacity through Micro-Finance

Very small loans are the building blocks on which people rely to earn their living. To this end, Credit Libanais partners with numerous local, regional and international agencies to make the financing of very small businesses also possible within the Lebanese economy. 

Offering Attractive Facilities to SMEs

Credit Libanais has long partnered with Kafalat national institution to offer subsidized loans to small and medium businesses, as well as a number of institutions specialized in Micro Finance. We believe that the right financing helps SME customers start up or expand their businesses.   Moreover, Credit Libanais has contracted a line of credit and a credit risk sharing agreement with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to make affordable lending available to a wider segment of customers.  Continuous new financing schemes are devised according to new circulars issued by BDL to stimulate start-up businesses and the local economy.



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