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Corporate Responsibility and People Capital Optimization
Corporate Responsibility and People Capital Optimization

CL People policy consists of improving the capability and commitment of our strongest assets, our employees, to drive sustainable high performance, while helping them thrive and achieve their goals as well. In line with this strategy, we further built on the performance management system as well as the learning and development programs to help them acquire new competencies to proactively address customers’ needs for solutions and advice. We further encourage transparency and open lines of communication to ensure that our people clearly understand the purpose, strategy and values of the Bank. By complying with our standards of conduct in business activities, our employees reinforce Credit Libanais reputation, image and success.

CL Banking Group employees
  • CL banking Group number of employees: 1636
  • Women in the workforce: 45%
  • Holders of university degrees: 85%  
Open Channels of Communications

To ensure an adequate communication of corporate news among CL Group’s employees and facilitate top-down and bottom-up communication, the Corporate Publishing department ensures the publication of the Group’s newsletter in two languages: Arabic and English. The goal of this internal publication is to disseminate informative, argumentative, educative, financial and economic articles among staff members.  It also features financial education articles, CR initiatives, staff latest news as well as various events. 

The Corporate Publishing department also ensures the preparation of the Annual Documentary broadcast during the Staff Annual Ceremony as well as the timely publishing of the Annual Report and other corporate publications. Moreover, CL Group staff regularly receives updates related to the latest developments in the banking industry through the FX and Market Snapshots, Weekly Market Watch, Monthly Economic Wrap, and CL Indices.  This plethora of information is communicated via various internal and external e-channels.

A Customer-Centric Performance Culture
CL Group employees ensure that customers receive the same high quality of professional financial advice and know the consequences of their financial decisions.
The Working Environment and Employee Satisfaction
In order to meet our business objectives, CL Group is committed to ensuring a pleasant, stimulating and attractive workplace for employees. Managers are responsible for creating a good work environment in their departments and branches to reinforce the employees’ perception of Credit Libanais image.
Employment Opportunities, Organic Growth and Recruitment

We strive to support diversity at the banking Group and ensure equal opportunities for all staff. This policy governs all aspects of employment and career advancement: selection, job assignment, compensation, discipline, termination, and access to benefits and training. Any employee concerned about any type of discrimination in the workplace is encouraged to raise these issues with their immediate supervisor or with the recruitment and evaluation department at the Human Resources division. We also continue to encourage internal recruitment for more senior positions as a Group strategy for promoting organic growth.  Moreover, CL Group is present in job fairs with major local colleges and universities to attract the best diverse talent to the Bank.

Competency Development through e-learning

We are the first retail Bank in the region to have implemented and benefited from the E-learning process. The usage rate competed with top companies worldwide, according to the European e-learning barometer. Flexibility is a major benefit of e-learning since it offers our staff the possibility of taking courses anytime anywhere from the comfort of their home or office. CL’s e-learning program yielded excellent results; the majority of staff members are registered users. Learners’ satisfaction, surveys and results are extremely encouraging.

The Bank’s learning program is also based on internal and external training activities to further develop our staff competencies and working processes.

Pay for Performance

CL Group relies on a pay-for-performance philosophy, where each employee’s compensation for the current year is determined by a number of factors, including the employee’s individual performance, e-learning achievement, direct supervisor’s feedback, to name but a few. 

Honoring Best Performers

During the Staff Annual Ceremony, Credit Libanais honors star employees across the Group, based on their performance throughout the year. Different criteria are used in the evaluation process. The aim remains to use a comprehensive approach that highlights the efforts of devoted and efficient employees in view of rewarding them, since they are the Bank’s most important and valuable assets. 

Employee Health and Well-Being

Maintaining a healthy working environment is an important part of our efforts to create a performance culture. The health and safety of our staff is paramount to us.  Regular fire drill simulations are conducted for staff and extensive training in safety and injury prevention is disseminated across the Bank. All Group entities are equipped with fire extinguishers and medical aid kits, in addition to evacuation sets distributed to wardens.  Safety instruction boards and exit signs are installed in all branches and buildings.  Moreover, we have successfully implemented an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) across the Group, which consists of evaluating existing safety measures, collecting detailed contact information of all staff, appointing wardens responsible for staff evacuation, and conducting trainings. The ERP is activated in case of unexpected life-threatening events that may cause physical damage and critical disruption of operations.  

Employee Engagement and Volunteerism

Being a good corporate citizen, we give our employees opportunities to engage in volunteer work. For the third year in a row, Credit Libanais hosts a Blood Drive in partnership with “Donner Sang Compter”, a non-governmental Lebanese organization where collected blood units are donated to local hospitals. This campaign took place at the Bank’s new Headquarters and involved its staff from all branches, departments and sister companies and aimed at encouraging employees to give blood and join forces for a good cause. Under the slogan “A heartfelt Gift – Donate and save a life”, Credit Libanais’ employees participated in large numbers and donated generously, thus giving back to the community. 

Employee Visa Global Challenge

To synergize employee engagement, Credit Libanais participated in the Visa Global Challenge, a unique learning opportunity for Visa Inc. clients and processors to apply their knowledge, skills and abilities in a fictitious marketplace to create the most profitable card portfolio.  Teams battled their way through five rounds, each round representing a year in the life of a card program. Credit Libanais Cards Team reached the 8th place Worldwide and 1st in the Division (out of 132 teams in total).  Way to go CL Team!

Employee Share Ownership Program

The Employee Stock Ownership Program, introduced back in 2006 thanks to the generous contribution of shareholders is a firm belief of our Group that citizenship starts internally. The Employee Stock Ownership Program serves to align employees’ interests with those of shareholders and ultimately enhance employees' loyalty and productivity.

Team Building Through Sports

CL Basketball and Mini-Football teams are composed of CL employees from various divisions and regions of the Bank.  Throughout the year, tournaments and competition games are organized, and our teams compete against major teams in Lebanon.  Sports teams reinforce the group spirit and bring our people closer together.  

In 2015, CL football team proudly won the championship of the inter companies foot-salle tournament.  The team also reached the semi-final of the inter-bank tournament.

CL football team reached and won the final game thanks to the excellent performance of CL team players, the support of fans, and the wonderful follow-up of the team’s management and coach.  This achievement reinforced the high team spirit of motivated staff and fans.

To encourage staff participation in sports events, CL sponsors many events, including marathons in various Lebanese regions, triathlons, rallies, as well as a variety of tournaments.  In 2015, CL staff ran for the NGO “Kunhadi” during the “BDL Beirut Marathon 2015” to increase awareness on matters of road safety and safe driving in Lebanon. 


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