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Corporate Responsibility and Customer Experience
Corporate Responsibility and Customer Experience

In 2015, the Bank established a new Unit directly reporting to the Chairman General Manager, entrusted with the application of BDL Circular 134 and related BCC Circular 281, with regards to conducting Principles of Banking and Financial Operations with Customers. This Unit regularly reports to the Chairman GM and the BOD with regards to the implementation said circulars and puts forth suggestions for improvements.  The Unit also ensures spreading of the culture of a transparent and fair relationship with customers, through training, capacity building and enhancement of professional expertise.  Staff trainings focused on matters of Customers Rights and Duties, adoption of standards of suitability, transparency, fairness and equitability while dealing with customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience through various touchpoints

The availability of various customer touchpoints allows customers to execute their banking transactions around the clock wherever they are.  Those include the branches, ATMs, online portal, internet gateways, mobile phones, to name but a few.

Some years ago, the Bank embarked on a journey to enhance customers experience by launching the first e-payment services for built property taxes in Lebanon. The importance of this leading step dwells on the benefits provided to taxpayers, residents and expatriates, to settle their built property taxes all week long including Sundays and holidays, using their credit/debit card, in a most easy and secure way. 

Settlement of subscription fees for pharmacists over the Internet

With CL online payment services, pharmacists can pay their subscription fees online in a secure and easy way. 

Settlement of subscription fees for lawyers over the Internet

With CL online payment services, lawyers registered at the Beirut Bar Association can pay their subscription fees online in a secure and easy way. 

Settlement of subscription fees for Engineers and Architects in Beirut

This service has been the first of its kind in Lebanon in terms of e-payment services offered by a Lebanese bank to its customers. 

Launching of e-payment services for the water subscription fees

This new services allows all subscribers to pay their water-utility fees on-line, in a most convenient and secure manner.

Tailored Customer Relationships

Tailored relationships with our retail, commercial and corporate customers allow us to better respond to their needs by offering them custom-made services and products. 

Tailored Corporate ATM Deposit Card to Corporate Customers

Keeping pace with the latest banking technologies, Credit Libanais offers the ATM Deposit card allowing corporate customers and institutions to make ATM cash and checks deposits into a corporate account, in a safe and flexible manner. This card gives companies representatives the opportunity to deposit cash in Lebanese Pounds and US dollars, as well as checks drawn on local banks at their convenience through a number of the Bank’s ATMs across Lebanon. 

Customer Satisfaction

Credit Libanais has implemented a system for collecting, measuring and managing feedback from personal and business customers. We employ all relevant quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including surveys delivered through online, mobile, and phone channels in addition to qualitative focus groups. We also conduct mystery shopper campaigns and advertise our electronic inbox for complaints to make it easier for customers to reach us. A more sophisticated method of familiarizing our customers with the highest levels of customer service is the use of courtesy campaigns regularly conducted by CL Customer Service Center.  In 2015, a special section on the corporate website has been devised to ensure more transparency and easier communication of customers' complaints and feedback. 

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