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3D Secure One-Time Passcode FAQ
  • What is 3D Secure (3DS)?

3D Secure (3DS) is a FREE service facilitated by MasterCard and Visa that lets you transact online securely using your Debit or Credit Card.
This service is available only on 3DS merchant sites participating in MasterCard SecureCode or MasterCard Identity Check for MasterCard branded card and Verified by Visa for Visa branded cards
This service protects against possible fraudulent attempts by providing you with a One-time Passcode (OTP) for each online transaction.


  • What is the One-time passcode (OTP)?

The OTP is an added online authentication service provided by Credit Libanais SAL to give you added security feature and peace of mind when conducting an online transaction at 3DS participating merchant’s website using your Credit Libanais SAL MasterCard or Visa card.
OTP is a numeric six (6) digits code generated and sent within one (1) minute via SMS to your mobile number registered in the bank for the card alert service.
It is valid for ten (10) minutes only.
Each OTP is valid for one (1) transaction when you purchase online and therefore the same OTP cannot be used for more than one transaction.


  • What are the benefits of OTP?

3DS service now offers an added layer of security by providing you with an OTP when you make an online purchase.
OTP will replace your old static password which was subject to a higher probability of unauthorized usage due to the fact that a static passcode is reusable for all transactions. With OTP, you will receive one passcode for each transaction.
In addition, OTP is more convenient and easy to use as you do not need to register nor reply to the 5 identification questions and create a passcode.
Moreover, you do not have to remember your passcode each time you transact online in order to verify your identity.
With OTP, all you have to do is have your mobile with you and make sure you are reachable to receive the OTP.


  • Do I need to register for the OTP?

No registration is required. This feature will be automatically enabled on your card.
However, in order to have the service, you need to ensure that you have updated your latest mobile phone number with us, as the OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered for the SMS card alert service.


  • How can I change my mobile phone number for OTP?

You can contact Credit Libanais 24/7 Card Help Desk on +961 1 608 234 to update your mobile number.


  • Do I need to pay for the OTP I received?

This OTP service is provided to you free of charge by Credit Libanais SAL for your banking convenience and enhanced security.


  • Is the static code I created for 3DS online transaction prior to this still applicable?

OTP will replace the static passcode which you created for 3DS online transaction.


  • How do I know if an online merchant is a 3DS merchant?

If a merchant is 3DS, the merchant website will display the following logos:



  • Is OTP required for all E-commerce transactions?

No, OTP is required only in merchant websites that participate in 3DS and have the logos MasterCard SecureCode or MasterCard Identity Check and Verified by Visa.


  • What happens to the transaction if the merchant is not certified 3DS?

If the merchant is not a certified 3DS, then OTP will not be applicable; so you can complete your purchase as normal.


  • How does an online transaction with an OTP security feature works?

It simplifies online shopping because you no longer have to memorize a passcode. Instead, the OTP will be sent to your mobile number registered for the card alert service.

Step 1: Ensure that your latest mobile number is registered with the Bank. Otherwise, kindly call our Card help Desk to update your mobile number after successful identity verification.

Step 2: Enter your card information at the merchant’s website.

Step 3: Check your mobile for the OTP. The merchant site will automatically direct you to Credit Libanais’s authentication page that will partially display the mobile number to which we have sent the OTP.

Step 4: Enter the OTP at Credit Libanais’s authentication page.

Step 5: Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Step 6: Click “Submit” to complete the authentication process.


  • If I do not receive the OTP within 1 minute, what should I do?

If you do not receive your OTP within 1 minute, you can request another OTP by clicking the “Resend” button.
You can click the “Resend” for a maximum of three (3) times for every single transaction.
There is no card blocking for multiple resends.


  • How long will OTP be valid? What should I do if I fail to enter my OTP before it expires?

Your OTP is valid only for 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes you still have not entered it, you can no longer complete the transaction. You have to try again.  Please make sure that the mobile number on the authentication page is the mobile number you have, otherwise call our Card Help Desk. Also make sure that your mobile is reachable.


  • How many times can I request for an OTP to be resent to me? 

You can request for an OTP to be re-sent to you three times only per transaction. If you don’t receive your OTP after resending for three times, you need to start again the transaction. Please make sure that the mobile number on the authentication page in the mobile number you have, otherwise call our Card Help Desk. Also make sure that your mobile is reachable.


  • What happens if I enter an invalid OTP 3 times?

You may make 3 attempts to enter your OTP. After the third wrong attempt, you will be returned to the merchant’s online transaction page to try again.


  • How many transactions can I perform in a single day using OTP?

There is no limit to the number of transactions you can perform, i.e. you can purchase online as many times as you wish as long as your Credit or Debit Card is in good standing.


  • Can I use OTP from any computer or mobile device?

OTP works with just about any computer or mobile device that is connected to the Internet. There is no special software to install. Just enter your OTP and complete the regular checkout process. Please be advised software which prevents pop-up windows may interfere with your use of OTP. 


  • What should I do if I receive an OTP passcode for a transaction not performed by me?

Please contact the Credit Libanais 24/7 Card Center on +961 1 608 234 immediately to report this transaction and block your card.


  • Is OTP security feature available for all Credit Libanais Cards?

Yes. You only need to provide us a reachable mobile number so that we can send you the OTP.


  • If I do not have my mobile phone registered with the Bank, can I still make an online purchase?

For 3DS enabled websites, you have to register your mobile number to receive the SMS with your OTP, otherwise you won’t be able to complete your purchase.
However, you will be able to purchase online from merchant websites that do not support 3DS.


  • Would I be able to shop online immediately after I have updated my mobile phone number?

Yes, your Mobile number will be directly updated once you informed the Card Help Desk and after successful verification of identity. 


  • Will a supplementary card receive an OTP on his/her mobile phone number for online transactions made using his/her card?

A supplementary card will receive an OTP on the mobile number registered for the card alert service unless you provide us a second mobile number for the supplementary card.
Mobile of the Supplementary card has to be registered separately.


  • Will I receive an SMS when I’m abroad?

Yes, we will send you an SMS with the OTP even when you are abroad as long as your mobile number is reachable.


  • What if I want to cancel my 3DS authentication OTP service?

OTP is required for all online purchases made through all 3DS enabled merchants. You may still make online purchases from online merchants that do not support 3DS.
Allowing you to transact without OTP at 3DS websites requires your formal and written consent to be solely liable for any future fraud and unauthorized usage of your card and credentials.
A cancellation form request is available at your branch.


  • What if I want to re-activate my 3DS authentication OTP service after a written cancellation request?
A Reactivation form request is available at your branch.


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