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Credit Libanais in Iraq has a variety of financial services and products proposed to our valued customers.




  • Current Account: with or without Check Book Facility, and ATM cards.
  • Call Savings Account: Add to deposit and withdraw any time (deposit period is not fixed). Any resident/non-resident may open a Call savings account.  Call savings account may also be opened in the name of minors.
  • Fixed Term Deposit Account: Interest bearing account. Flexible Maturity dates.  Deposit of funds for a pre-specified period at a fixed interest rate. Any resident/non-resident may open a Term savings account. Term savings account may also be opened in the name of minors.
  • Collateral Deposit Account: Facilities against pledged deposit in same currency or different currencies.



Banking Services:


  • Transfers: inward / outward: Outward transfer takes an important part of banking activity in Iraq, consequently Credit Libanais is offering an exceptional outward transfer service in terms of commission and value dates, especially for outward transfer to Lebanon. 
  • Checkbook: Checkbook facilities available for individuals and companies holders of checking account at the Branch. The Check books are available for both currencies Iraqi Dinar and US Dollar.
  • Online Banking: Allow the customers to access their accounts through the internet using Credit Libanais website. The service offers accounts’ balances, statements, transfers, and many other options.
  • Trade Finance Services: Letter of Credits and Letter of Guarantees.
  • Foreign Exchange Services:
  • Mazad Transactions: Credit Libanais offers to its customers in Iraq the foreign exchange service through the “Mazad” process in relation with the Central Bank of Iraq and under its direct



Debit cards – ATM cards that are offered to customers. This card will allow the customer to withdraw amounts directly by debiting their accounts with the Bank. Can be used on ATMs and POS machines. 



Corporate and Commercial Facilities:

CL Iraq offer to the big commercial companies, all the Commercial Retail and Corporate Facilities.

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