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Connect to practicality and control.

Welcome to Credit Libanais Online Banking!

Enjoy secure and fast access to your accounts through your PC or tablet 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


What Transactions Can You Make?
Questions & Answers (Q & A) 

What Do You Need To Register?
Security Issues 

What Transactions Can You Make?

Credit Libanais Online Banking lets you:

  • View your accounts' balances and statements
  • Download account statements
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Perform Foreign Exchange Operations between your accounts
  • Transfer funds to other accounts
  • Request check-books
  • Request to stop payment on a check
  • Open Term Deposit accounts
  • View your credit card balances and transactions
  • Download credit card statements
  • Perform anticipated Credit Card Payment
  • Check loyalty points balance
  • Request a credit card
  • Report a lost card
  • Increase your credit card limit
  • Log in to your Private Banking account and access the Open Positions, Transactions Statement, Pending Orders and Valuation Statement
  • Pay Port of Beirut Bills
  • Pay your built property tax with the Ministry of Finance
  • Settle your loans due amount
  • Update your personal details: address, telephone number, email address
  • Change your password
  • Change you Pin Code
  • Send/receive secure messages to and from Credit Libanais

After you fill out the E-Banking Application Form, a bank representative will contact you to set up an appointment for a visit to your nearest Bank branch. During this visit Credit Libanais will activate your Online Banking services.

Questions & Answers (Q & A)"

Q:Am I eligible to register for Online Banking?
A: All Credit Libanais account holders who are18 years or older are eligible to register.

Q:Can I apply for a loan or a credit card through Online Banking?  
A:Yes. To apply for a loan or a credit card online, you will have to fill out the appropriate application form. Please note that in accordance with Lebanese laws an online application must be followed by a signature (in-person) at one of our branches. 

Q:How soon after my transaction is the activity shown in my account?
A:When you transfer funds from one account to another, the activity is shown immediately online. Changing a preset instruction, however, will be activated on the next working day.

Q:How can I access Online Banking from abroad?
A: Credit Libanais Online Banking can be accessed from anywhere in the world via our corporate website.

Q:Is privacy of my transactions guaranteed?
A:Yes. Credit Libanais uses the latest online security requirements in accordance with International Security Standards.

Q:Did you forget your Online Banking password?
A: If you have forgotten your password, you can click "Forgot Password", which will prompt you to enter your customer ID and other details. Once you submit your information, your password will be sent to your e-mail.

Q:Can I talk to a Customer Service Agent if I have a problem or question?

A:Of course! We're always here to help. For all inquiries and/or problems you can contact our Customer Service Center  at 1518  from Monday to Saturday, from 08:00 am till 08:00 pm, or email us at


Security Issues

Credit Libanais cares about security since we genuinely are concerned about your best interests. We invest a substantial amount of time, effort and money on Information Security and treat your privacy as a top priority. This extends to our Online Banking service. Learn more about our online security. Know that we provide secure services you can use with confidence.


Security measures at a glance:
Network Security

 Credit Libanais maintains Network Security on two levels:

  • The security of customer information sent from his/her PC to the web server.
  • Security measures to prevent unauthorized users from attempting to log into the Online Banking section of the website.

Data Security

Credit Libanais uses several layers of security to ensure transactions across the internet are kept confidential. The data security between your browser and our web server is handled through a secured protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL protocol is used to encrypt the data flow between the browser and our web server.

Credit Libanais Online Banking application supports data encryption at the highest SSL level (128 bit) and meets International standards. To benefit from this level of encryption, you will need a browser that supports it (e.g. Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Google Chrome, Firefox). If your PC does not meet the basic requirements needed for proper security, your application to Online Banking will be rejected for your own safety.

Credit Libanais ensures that your money and personal data are protected against any type of intrusion or attack. Only authenticated requests can communicate with the internet server. Our security procedures are constantly reviewed and updated to stay one step ahead of possible threats.


Credit-Libanais Responsibility

When you bank online with Credit Libanais, we guarantee you will be refunded in the highly unlikely event that any funds are improperly removed from your accounts as a result of:

  • Any error by our system
  • Computer crime which is not identified and stopped by our security system
  • Unauthorized online removal of funds from your account


Your Responsibility

For optimal security, you are expected to keep your Online password and account numbers confidential.
Credit Libanais Online cannot be responsible for customer errors and will not cover losses caused by:

  • Input errors or mistakes
  • The sharing of user IDs and passwords leading to unauthorized access to accounts
  • Unreported theft of IDs and passwords
  • Leaving a computer unattended during an Online Banking session (always click “Log out” to end your session)
  • Failure to advise us if you believe security has been breached in any way
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