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Purchase Security
  • We’ve made some changes to 3D secure authentication service 

We have added more security to your online shopping to make it safer and easier for you.
You, as a Credit Libanais cardholder, will continue to benefit from the free of charge 3D secure authentication service 


However, now, instead of registering, creating and remembering your static passcode, you will receive by SMS, a new passcode every time you make a purchase at online merchants participating in the service.

We have enhanced the 3D secure authentication service to use a one-time passcode “OTP” that you will receive by SMS instantly when you shop online in order to make your online shopping experience more secure and convenient.


  • How does the new 3D secure authentication process work?

We have introduced a new 3D secure authentication system where you will no longer be required to register your Credit Libanais card or create and remember a password when you shop online. You will receive a text message to your mobile number with a one-time passcode OTP which you will enter when completing your payment online.


  • How do I use the One-time passcode OTP?

3D secure authentication service will protect your online shopping against any fraudulent attempts by providing you with OTP for each online transaction.
3D secure authentication service is a high standard of protection for all Credit Libanais cards in line with   

  1. All purchases at merchants, participating in 3D secure service carrying the    logos, will automatically direct you to Credit Libanais 3D secure authentication page.
  2. You will receive the OTP consisting of 6 digits via SMS to your mobile registered at the bank
  3. Enter the OTP at the authentication page
  4. Agree on the terms and conditions
  5. Click submit to confirm the transaction


  • Tips to Remember
  1. OTP service is free of charge
  2. A mobile phone is required in order to receive a text message of your One-time passcode. Therefore, ensure that your latest mobile number is registered at the bank 
  3. Each transaction will have a separate OTP and the same OTP cannot be used for more than one transaction.
  4. In case you do not receive the OTP within 1 minute, you can request another one by pressing on the “Resend” button.
  5. If you do not receive the OTP after three attempts, you will have to re-enter the card details and start the payment process all over again.


  • Purchasing with OTP in 6 easy steps
1.  Purchase online

     Check if the merchant website displays the following logos


2.  Pay with your debit/credit card


3.  You will be redirected to Credit Libanais authentication page.

Check the mobile number partially displayed.



4.  Check the OTP sent to your mobile number

5.  Enter the OTP at credit Libanais’s authentication page

6.  Click Agree Terms & Conditions

     Click Submit



3D Secure One-Time Passcode