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Dedicated to offering you the best and to evolving with the times, Credit Libanais has started rolling out chip cards. When your current VISA magnetic card expires, Credit Libanais will replace it with a VISA chip card.

Chip cards are rapidly becoming the norm throughout the world and it’s easy to see why. This global evolution in the payments industry empowers you with a card that can store more information and programs than current magnetic stripe technology. Chip cards are already widely used in Europe and Asia, and are currently being adopted in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Chip cards can carry more sophisticated and innovative payment applications. This includes enhanced security programs that ensure better protection against unauthorized use of your card, protecting you against skimming (i.e. the copying of private information from the magnetic stripe on your card). Unlike the magnetic stripe, a chip cannot be copied. This makes your daily card use much safer,  especially during your travel. Because of the added security, when you use your card to purchase anything from a POS abroad or to withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide, you will be prompted to enter your secret code. This prevents unauthorized card access, keeping you protected in case your card is stolen or lost.  

A new service is added to the Platinum Chip Card: the Priority Pass. This lets Platinum cardholders benefit from free Priority Pass Card membership and access to exclusive airport lounges. Check out the Priority Pass website for more info.
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