Army MasterCard Titanium
Get the Army MasterCard Titanium from Credit Libanais and show your support to the Army!  Every time you use the card to settle purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs in Lebanon and worldwide, you will be helping Army martyrs’ families while enjoying many privileges.
  • Smart Card with no annual fees.
  • Available as a credit card that requires a monthly payment of at least 5% of the balance plus that month’s interest, or as a charge card that requires you to pay your balance in full at the end of each month.
  • Cash withdrawal tailored to your requirements worldwide.


MasterCard Titanium Credit Card Limit


Cash withdrawal limit (Every 4 days)


Cash Withdrawal Fees on All ATM Networks

Limit between $1000 and $2,999


3% of the amount with a minimum of $5 or LBP 7,500

Limit between $3,000 and $6,999


Limit ≥ $7,000








MasterCard Titanium Charge Card

Cash Withdrawal limit (Every Day)

Cash Withdrawal Fees on All ATM Networks

All Limits


4% of the amount with a minimum of $0.7 or LBP 1,000






  • Accepted at millions of merchants in Lebanon and worldwide.
  • Shopping online securely through “MasterCard Secure Code” service that enables accurate identification.
  • In case of theft or loss, the card is canceled and replaced for free.
  • Enjoying up to 41 days of grace period on the MasterCard Titanium Army credit card (with no interest on purchases), and paying the outstanding balance in full or the monthly minimum amount due of 5%.
  • If the amount is not settled on due date, a late payment fee of $10 plus 2.2% of the amount due is applied.
  • Receiving SMS alert on mobile phone for each transaction made on ATM and POS machines.
This service is free of charge for the first 3 months, following which a monthly fee of $1 is charged.
  • Checking MasterCard Titanium Army credit card statement and settling due balance through the Online Banking service, without any additional charges for the first 3 months, after which a monthly fee of $1 is charged.
  • Changing the card password anytime at any Credit Libanais ATM.
  • For International Foreign Exchange Transaction, a fee of 3% is applicable on top of the market exchange rate.
  • Accessing the lounges of the following airports: Dubai, Egypt, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Jordan.
  • Special discount at selected hotels in Dubai.


  • Example of MasterCard Titanium Army Revolving Credit Card in USD 

Credit Limit*

Monthly interest on POS

Monthly interest on ATM*

Monthly Reimbursement

Monthly Management Fee

(if used)*

Annual Percentage Rate


USD 1.75%

LBP 1.95%


5% min $25

or LBP 50,000


or LBP 5,000


POS: 21% (1.75%*12)**



POS: 23.4% (1.95%*12)**



* Same conditions apply to charge card.

**APR may vary according to cardholder’s spending behavior such as purchases or cash advance.

To apply for the Army Master Card Titanium, you must:

  • Provide proof of employment for at least 6 months
  • Provide certificate of salary or income statement
  • Provide a residency certificate
ATM Deposit Card

The Most secure way to deposit cash

The ATM Deposit card from Credit Libanais offers companies the freedom to make cash and check deposits into a corporate account safely and conveniently 24/7.

  • Depositing cash or checks in the company’s accounts or any account linked to this card
  • The ATM Deposit card can be used on Credit Libanais ATMs in Lebanon
  • Card validity is 3 years
  • Only checks drawn on local banks are accepted
  • Depositing amount in LBP or USD
  • Other transactions like withdrawals, transfers, balance inquiry, statement, and purchases are not available
  • The ATM Deposit card is Ideal for your staff
  • The company name could be printed on the card
  • Many cards can be issued and linked to the same account
  • Deposits are possible around the clock
  • User-friendly navigation in the ATM menu format
  • No confidential client data is displayed on the deposit slip
  • Cash should be inserted loose
  • Cash & Check Deposit: The ATM verifies your cash or scans your checks, then issues a printed receipt, and the deposit is credited to your account depending on the value date.
  • Daily ATM cash deposit limit subject to maximum of LBP14,900,000 or $9,900
  • A PIN code is available for the Deposit transactions
  • Remember to endorse your checks before depositing
  • Earn 1 loyalty point per transaction
  • A cap of 15 transactions per day is set for the point’s collection
Credit Libanais customer having a current, checking, saving or merchant account.

Available at the following branches:

  • Abdeh
  • Adlieh (Main Branch)
  • Antelias
  • Bar Elias
  • Batroun
  • Bauchrieh
  • Bourj Hammoud
  • Chtaura
  • Dekwaneh
  • Dora
  • Fanar
  • Ferzol
  • Furn Chebbak
  • Hamra
  • Haret Hreik
  • Haret Sakher
  • Hazmieh
  • Jal El Dib
  • Jbeil - Frères
  • Jdeideh
  • Jeb Jannine
  • Kaslik
  • Kornet Chehwan
  • Mazraa
  • Nabatieh
  • Rmeil
  • Saida 2
  • Sassine
  • Sin El Fil
  • Tripoli - Tell
  • Verdun
  • Zahle
  • Zghorta
  • Zouk
  • Zouk Mosbeh - Jeita
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