“Rays” Classic & Gold Cards

Bringing light to your life!
“Rays”, revolving credit cards, part of our “Rays of Light” card collection offer many advantages that suit the needs of both the public and private sector:

  • Higher financial power to boost your expenditure
  • Flexible & Practical payment tool
  • Security & Peace of mind with every purchase
  • Latest NFC Contactless payment technology
  • Rewarding loyalty program
  • Minimal monthly management fee and much more
  • Rays Classic in LBP
  • Rays Gold in USD

They both offer the convenience of a revolving credit card & allow you to spend in USD or in LBP and get billed in the currency of the card you hold.

  • Make purchases at any merchant POS terminal in Lebanon & abroad
  • Experience safe online shopping at millions of merchant websites
  • Withdraw cash and check your balance at any ATM in Lebanon & abroad and deposit cash or checks at assigned Credit Libanais ATMs
  • Financial Power

“Rays” credit cards give you a credit line up to 3 times your salary to finance your daily purchases from shopping, entertainment to travel. Choose the card according to the currency of your choice or of your domiciliated salary and enjoy the higher financial power.

  • Flexible Repayment Options

Benefit from flexible payment options by choosing to pay 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% or 100% of your monthly outstanding balance.

  • Discounts on Home Appliances & Electronics

Benefit from 5% instant discount on the net selling price on premium home appliances and electronics (excluding mobile phones) from Abed Tahan branches all over Lebanon.

  • Contactless Payment Technology

“Rays” credit cards come with the latest contactless payment feature, that allows you to make fast and secure transactions.

 -  No additional fees for the contactless payment feature
 -  No PIN is required for transactions below $ 60 for the Rays Gold card & LBP 100,000 for the Rays Classic LBP card
  • Security

Your card comes with the following security features:

-  CHIP & PIN technology embedded in it to further secure your daily transactions.
-  3D Secure Authentication Service to ensure a safe and convenient shopping experience using a dynamic one-time passcode (OTP), you will instantly receive by SMS every time you shop online.
  • Get rewarded for all your purchases

Earn 1 loyalty point for every $ 10/LBP 15,000 spent using your Rays card on purchases in Lebanon and abroad. Accumulated points can be redeemed from our loyalty program against a wide range of valuable gifts from airline tickets, to travel packages, insurance products, bills and much more.

Moreover, various utility bills can be domiciled to the account linked to Rays.

  • E-Services

The most efficient way to stay up-to-date with your card activities and includes:

 -  SMS Alert Service: To get notified of every transaction performed on your card
 -  Monthly E-Statement: Track your transactions, your minimum payment due and payment due date
 -  Online Banking: Check your payments and account movements around the clock through Credit Libanais Mobile App or Online Banking services via www.creditlibanais.com
  • Personalize your own PIN code easily

Create your own credit card PIN code at any Credit Libanais branch or change it anytime you want at any of our ATMs.

  • Recharge your calls

Use your “Rays” credit card to recharge Alfa or Touch prepaid lines on any Credit Libanais ATM.


To apply for the “Rays” credit cards, visit any Credit Libanais branch or call our Card Help Desk on +961 1 60 82 82

“Twilight” Internet Card

Time to enjoy the online world!

The Mastercard Internet Card “Twilight” is tailor made to secure online shopping and purchases over the phone or by mail-order.

Create magical moments with Mastercard “Twilight” Internet card part of our new “Rays of Light” card collection that is just the right light you need to closely guide you in your online journey.

Twilight” Internet Card connects cardholders to millions of websites and allows them to shop online securely same as “Twilight” connects daylight to darkness.

Use your “Twilight” Internet card to purchase online products and services with comfort and ease.

All you have to do is:

  • Select the service or product you want to buy on a secure site
  • Enter your 16 -digits number on the front of your card, expiry date and CVC (3 -digits number on the back of your card)
  • Enter the «OTP» sent via SMS to your mobile number registered at the Bank

The “Twilight” Internet card offers a 3D secure authentication service using a dynamic One-Time Passcode (OTP).

3D secure OTP provides greater security for online shopping transactions, with an added layer of security against unauthorized use of your card.

OTP is a numeric six 6 -digits code generated and sent within one (1) minute via SMS to your mobile number so you can finalize your transaction. It is valid for ten (10) minutes only.

Each OTP is valid for one (1) single e-transaction and the same OTP cannot be used twice.

Use your “Twilight” Internet card online and collect Loyalty Points as a reward.

Earn 1 Loyalty Point for every USD 10 online purchase from any website in Lebanon and abroad.

You can redeem your accumulated points from our  loyalty program for a wide array of valuable gifts. We offer airline tickets, travel packages, insurance products, bills and much more.

Benefit from flexible payment options by choosing to pay 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% & 100% of your monthly outstanding balance.

  • SMS alert service

Get notified of any successful or rejected transaction, your monthly dues, minimum payment due, and payment due date as well as your available balance to stay up to date of all your card’s movements.


  • Monthly E-statement

Track your accounts and transactions and manage money more effectively. Paperless electronic statements are free of charge and eco-friendly. An e-statement will be sent to your e-mail address, showing all your card activities, your minimum payment due, payment due date, as well as your Loyalty Points balance.

  • Online Banking

Check all your cards’ activities, your available balance, get current and past statements, view your card’s spending history and stay connected all the time and anywhere in the world by downloading the mobile app or by visiting www.creditlibanais.com


To apply for the “Twilight" debit card, visit any Credit Libanais branch or call our Card Help Desk on +961 1 60 82 82

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