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Salary Domiciliation Service
Credit Libanais is here to facilitate things for your firm. Our Salary Domicilation service is a great option for  well-established companies. Free-of-charge, this service ensures the safe and timely payment of  employees' salaries straight to their  privileged accounts.
  • Salaries can be paid by direct transfer into each individual employee's account at Credit Libanais
  • No minimum salary or minimum balance required
  • Currency: LL or USD
  • Special offers for employees
  • Save time via direct electronic funds transfers
  • Cost effective solution that cuts overhead expenses
  • More efficient in managing employees' payroll
  • Less risky since it eliminates the need to handle large sums of cash or checks
  • Employees enjoy preferential conditions and rates that suit their lifestyle and needs
  • The company simply has to open an account at Credit Libanais and to provide a list of employees names and salary amounts by bordereaux and/or electronic file.
  • The employee must provide a signed application form.
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