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CLIB Savings Account

Save while getting benefits. Credit Libanais offers a savings account blocked from 6 to 12 months with many benefits through its subsidiary, Credit Libanais Investment Bank SAL (CLIB). CLIB Savings Account can be opened by sole or joint account holders (Lebanese and resident non-Lebanese as well as foreigners) and may be in any currency. This account offers you high interest rates on blocked deposits while restricting additional deposits or withdrawals before maturity.  The minimum CLIB Savings Account opening deposit is USD 5,000.

  • Higher interest rate than any other deposit account 
  • Interest received periodically
  • Free Passbook replacement from any branch in case of fullness or lost
  • Deposits and withdrawals must be performed with the passbook
  • Inter-branch transactions are allowed
  • A withdrawal from another branch is limited to USD 5 000 or LBP 7 500 000
  • Customers are allowed to withdraw any amount, without penalties, during 2 subsequent working days following the maturity date

For Individuals:

  • 18 years of age (legal guardians may sign for minors)
  • Copy of ID or first 3 pages of passport 
  • Full address
  • Specimen of signature

For Businesses:

  • Company by-laws
  • Commercial register
  • Full address
  • Nature of business
  • Paid up capital and total assets
  • Information about the declaring company
  • List of owners, owners of economic rights, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executives 
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