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Online Payment with CL Cards

Say goodbye to queues and delays! Use your Credit Libanais Cards (MasterCard or Visa) to pay online your Utility Bills, Subscription to syndicates or Taxes from anywhere in the world through relevant websites. It is easy, convenient and hassle-free.


  •  Beirut Bar Association: Settle your annual subscription fees via
  • Order of Engineers and Architects in Beirut: Settle your annual subscription and insurance fees via
  • Order of Pharmacists in Lebanon: Settle your annual subscription fees via
  • Establishment of the Water of Beirut and Mount Lebanon: settle your water bills via
  • General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre المديرية العامة للشؤون العقارية :  View and print the title register (الاطلاع على الصحيفة العقارية) and pay related fees through 
  • Ministry of Finance: Settle the built property tax through