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Card Account

Bank your way, anywhere, anytime!
The Card Account is an affordable checkless account that offers convenient digital access, and no overdraft fees-- putting you in control of your financial life. No minimum balance required.
Enjoy free 24/7 online and mobile banking, and use your Credit Libanais Debit card instead of cash, at millions of merchants to benefit from Loyalty points redeemable and gifts and other benefits*



  • You want to open a Bank account for basic banking transactions with as minimum amount.
  •  You want the ability to pay bills, view your balance, monitor activity and transfer funds 24/7
  • You'd like to use your Credit Libanais Debit Card instead of cash and checks. You'll never pay interest or carry debt because you're using money from your own  bank account
  • You want to avoid overdraft fees
  • You want to benefit from interest rate and have immediate access to your money