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Loyalty Program


Collect loyalty Points to reap the rewards!

With Credit Libanais' Loyalty Program you can collect Loyalty Points every time you use your credit, charge or debit card to purchase in Lebanon & abroad. Credit Libanais is here to reward you for your loyalty.


Here's how our Loyalty Program works

Earn 1 Loyalty Point for every USD 10/ LBP 15,000/ EUR 10 purchase in Lebanon or abroad on your Credit Libanais card. (For example, if you spend USD 100 you will earn 10 Loyalty Points).
Your Loyalty Points have an expiry period of 3 years effective from the card issuing date.
This gives you plenty of time to collect Loyalty Points and to redeem them for the items you like the most. As a token of appreciation for choosing us as your preferred bank, newly issued Credit Libanais cards will automatically receive 25 Loyalty Points upon first usage at any POS in Lebanon & abroad.


Loyalty Points Redemption

Credit Libanais empowers you with a world of choice so you can redeem your reward points in a way that best suits your lifestyle and preferences. Feel free to redeem your Loyalty Points with one or many of the following options:

  • Various gifts from our loyalty catalogue
  • Hermes "Tourism and Travel" airline tickets/packages
  • Insurance Policy coverages from Credit Libanais D'Assurances et De Reassurances SAL (CLA) (Travel, Car Insurance…)
  • Bills domiciliation


I.  Gifts Redemption Points

Visit Credit Libanais Loyalty catalog and explore the vast selection of gifts that suit your choice:

Points Redemption


II.  Hermes "Tourism and Travel" agency:

Use your Loyalty Points to book your trip.
Simply redeem your Loyalty Points for tickets/travel packages to any destination and with any airline company, car rental, hotel accommodation, or any other service offered by “Hermes Tourism and Travel”.

  • Main Branch: Credit Libanais Tower, Corniche El Nahr, Adlieh.
  • Phone: + 961 426380-1-2-3-4-5
  • Website:


III.  CLA Insurance Redemption Points:

CLA Insurance entitles you to a wide variety of insurances, including motor insurance, personal accident insurance and travel insurance.


IV.  Domiciled Bill Redemption:

With Credit Libanais Loyalty Program, you can also redeem Loyalty Points to pay your electricity, phone and mobile domiciled bills. Your account will be totally or partially credited to cover your domiciled bills.

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