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Credilease Customer Experience / تجربة عملاء كريديليز

We value your Customer Experience with Credilease and commit to provide you with our products and services according to transparency, fairness and suitability standards, and handle your complaints in a timely and efficient manner.

تجربة عملاء شركة "كريديليز ش. م. ل."

تقدّر شركة "كريديليز" تجربة عملائها وتسعى دائماً الى تقديم المنتجات والخدمات وفقاً لمعايير الشفافية والعدالة والملاءمة، والى معالجة مراجعات العملاء بطريقة فاعلة وسريعة.

Customer Rights and Duties Form لائحة حقوق وواجبات العميل
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Feedback/Complaint تسجيل المراجعة/الشكوى
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List of Fees & Charges

In line with the Transparency principles stipulated in the Banking Control Commission (BCC) Circular no. 281, we are glad to put at your disposal the List of Fees and Charges related to Credilease products and services in a downloadable format.

تماشياً مع مبادئ الشفافية المنصوص عنها في تعميم لجنة الرقابة على المصارف رقم 281، يسرّنا أن نضع في تصرفكم لائحة مفصّلة وكاملة بالعمولات والغرامات المرتبطة بالمنتجات والخدمات التي تقدمها كريديليز، في نموذج قابل للتحميل.

Credilease is a financial institution affiliated with Credit Libanais sal. Credilease provides you with a range of credit facilities in a fast and personalized manner. Specifically designed to meet your individual and corporate needs, Credilease’s solutions are efficient, confidential and competitive.

Credilease understands the financial challenges each business faces. This is why it strives to provide financial alternatives for all customers, even those whose needs are becoming more and more demanding in this competitive world.

Credilease's major activities include:
Leasing operations such as:
- Rent-to-own: machinery, transport equipment, industrial equipment, hospital equipment, etc…

Credit facilities such as:
- Car loans
- Personal loans
- Housing loans
- Subsidized loans
- Consumer loans
- Commercial loans

Investment activities
Private banking activities such as:
- Equity and Wealth Management

Professionalism and client servicing

Credilease's highly trained professional team is here to develop the most suitable solutions for you. Its knowledgeable, experienced and skilled employees are equipped with the latest technological tools to provide you with fast, reliable and confidential service.

Address: Head office, Credit Libanais Tower - Corniche El Nahr, Adlieh Roundabout – Beirut, Lebanon
Tel/Fax: 961 1 425 761/4
P.O. Box: 16-6729

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