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Credit Libanais Investment Bank (CLIB)
CLIB Customer Experience / تجربة عملاء بنك الاعتماد اللبناني للاستثمار

We value your Customer Experience with CLIB and commit to provide you with our products and services according to transparency, fairness and suitability standards, and handle your complaints on a timely and efficient manner.

تجربة عملاء بنك الاعتماد اللبناني للاستثمار ش.م.ل.
يقدّر "بنك الاعتماد اللبناني للاستثمار ش.م.ل. " تجربة عملائه ويسعى دائماً الى تقديم المنتجات والخدمات وفقاً لمعايير الشفافية والعدالة والملاءمة، والى معالجة مراجعات العملاء بطريقة فاعلة وسريعة.

Customer Rights and Duties Form / لائحة حقوق وواجبات العميل
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List of Fees & Charges

In line with the Transparency principles stipulated in the Banking Control Commission (BCC) Circular no. 281, we are glad to put at your disposal the List of Fees and Charges related to Credit Libanais Investment Bank’ products and services in a downloadable format.

تماشياً مع مبادئ الشفافية المنصوص عنها في تعميم لجنة الرقابة على المصارف رقم 281، يسرّنا أن نضع في تصرفكم لائحة مفصّلة وكاملة بالعمولات والغرامات المرتبطة بالمنتجات والخدمات التي يقدمها بنك الإعتماد اللبناني للإستثمار، في نموذج قابل للتحميل.

Credit Libanais Investment Bank (CLIB) is Credit Libanais Group’s fully–owned investment banking subsidiary Total equity capital: USD 110.04 million as at year-end 2017 Total assets: USD 767.16 million at year-end 2017

Company Profile


Credit Libanais Investment Bank (CLIB) was established in 1996 as the investment banking arm of Credit Libanais and is a fully-owned (99.86%) subsidiary of the Bank. It currently offers a wealth of services and investment banking activities in accordance with legislative decree number 50, dated July 1983. Through its team of dedicated professionals, Credit Libanais Investment Bank is on a relentless hunt for new business ventures, grasping inorganic growth opportunities for the Group and for its local, regional, and international private and institutional clientele. In fact, CLIB always strives to upgrade its strong market standing among domestic peers.


Summary of the Code of Corporate Governance

Given the financial intermediation role of Credit Libanais Investment Bank SAL in the banking sector and the economy, and the critical effects of sound governance on its perpetuation as a successful organization, and on public trust and confidence, the Bank is continuing in its efforts to enhance Corporate Governance, by preparing and implementing this Code of Corporate Governance which is intended to promote local and international Corporate Governance best practices.


Summary of Credit Libanais Investment Bank Code of Corporate Governance




As Credit Libanais's investment arm, Credit Libanais Investment Bank (CLIB) offers a full array of advisory services and financial solutions for corporate customers, from term lending to highly structured and specialized products across the equity and debt capital markets. During 2017, CLIB analyzed and participated in several investment opportunities and was active in several local and regional mandates. 



CLIB’s strategy mainly revolves around reinforcing its position in equity project financing and advisory services while still offering an extensive selection of investment banking services, of which:


  • A comprehensive bouquet of medium and long term investment plans;
  • Medium and long term loans;
  • Financial advisory services to the Group as well as to institutional customers;
  • Corporate advisory services;
  • Asset management.


2017 at a Glance

The Lebanese economy has sluggishly gained momentum during the year 2017, mainly supported by a series of encouraging developments and achievements recorded throughout the year, yet hindered by the large set of challenges that still prevail. In light of such a mixed context, CLIB’s operations were negatively affected by the prevailing economic woes, with its conservative approach to lending being reflected by a 2.35% drop in commercial loans (SME and Corporate) to and a 1.98% contraction in housing loans where the collateral value does not fall below 60% of the loans amount at any time. In the same vein, customer deposits at CLIB narrowed by 0.62% in 2017, leading to a 0.49% drop in total assets. Nevertheless, net fee and commission income from investment banking activities stood at a sizeable $1.13 million.


Apart from conventional commercial banking services, CLIB offers clients an array of investment banking services including:

  • Project financing
  • Direct equity participation in attractive activities or through synergistic partnerships
  • Debt and equity underwriting services
  • Raising capital for projects under advisory mandates
  • Investment funds' structuring and management
  • Financial intermediation
  • Corporate advisory services including due diligences and valuations, research and other complementary services


In addition to all this, CLIB, through its experienced investment banking team, is always keen on developing new financial products that respond to the ever-changing market and customers’ specific financial planning needs.


Corporate Finance and Advisory Department

The year 2017 was marked by several accomplishments for the Corporate Finance and Advisory arm of Credit Libanais Investment Bank despite the various surrounding geopolitical and economic challenges. In fact, the Corporate Finance and Advisory department maintained its role as investment advisor to the Credit Libanais Group, screening for and studying new business ventures, and evaluating lucrative investment opportunities in the country and around the globe. Moreover, the department assessed and engaged in numerous structured finance transactions, in addition to contemplating various acquisition opportunities in the banking sector and executing intensive due diligence for that purpose. A few regional expansion opportunities were also assessed, both greenfield and through acquisitions.

More on the advisory front, the Corporate Finance and Advisory department inked a number of advisory mandates for pertinent institutional customers.

Furthermore, CLIB expanded its ties with the knowledge economy for yet another year, venturing into Lebanese private equity funds that are BDL compliant and that invest in Lebanese start-up companies.


Financial Advisory

CLIB’s Corporate Finance and Advisory department engineers financial solutions that are tailored to respond to the strategic and organizational needs of institutional clients. This includes financial assistance to clients seeking to:


  • Evaluate the financial performance of their business;
  • Assess the viability of an expansion / investment alternative;
  • Undergo a financial reengineering / turnaround;
  • Open their capital to prospective investors;
  • Merge with / acquire another business unit; and/or
  • Benefit from strategic alliances and partnering transactions.


Debt & Equity Placements

CLIB's services encompass advisory for customers who wish to make a better informed decision surrounding their choice of capital structure, financing means and sources, and the positioning of their business.


Mergers and Acquisitions

CLIB offers in-depth assistance to customers eyeing to merge with or acquire other private or public business units. CLIB’s assistance shall cover every step of the transaction, including:


  • Preparation of the sale transaction documents;
  • Determination of the strategy;
  • Company valuation;
  • Search for potential business units to acquire/merge with;
  • Determination of the best financing structure;
  • Negotiation of the contract;
  • Due diligence…


Recapitalization and Strategic Advisory

This service mainly consists of reshuffling a company’s capital structure in a way that improves the related company’s debt/equity mix to make it more sustainable.


Research Unit

The Economic Research Unit at Credit Libanais publishes a weekly economic newsletter, the “Weekly Market Watch”, spotting the light on major local economic developments and indicators, in addition to the performance of the domestic money market and equity market. The Economic Research Unit also issues a number of research publications on a periodical basis covering hot topics surrounding the Lebanese economy. For instance, the Unit published in 2017 a new research report analyzing the dependence of the Lebanese economy on remittance inflows from the Lebanese Diaspora.

Through these publications, Credit Libanais’ Economic Research Unit continues to headline the economic segments of major local and regional newspapers, bulletins, and TV stations. The Economic Research Unit conducted as well numerous interviews with local and foreign television stations, radio stations, newspapers, and magazines, addressing a multitude of pertinent economic and banking sector-related topics.

In parallel, the Research Unit monitors the daily performance of Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) activity under the umbrella of its three stock market indices, namely, the Credit Libanais Aggregate Stock Index (CLASI), the Financial Sector Stock Index (CLFI), and Construction Sector Stock Index (CLCI). These indices serve as a benchmark for local and regional stock market enthusiasts to track the trends in the market capitalization of listed stocks by sector or industry and that of the overall Beirut Bourse.

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