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Syndicate of Lawyers
Customer Support
Central Departments Managers
Mr. Nagi Keyrouz
Head of Business Line
Ms. Salwa Khoury
Corporate & Medium Sized Business Banking
Mr. Walid Souaid
Corporate & Medium Sized Business Banking
Mr. Daniel Jiz
Corporate & Medium Sized Business Banking
Mr. Georges Azar
Corporate & Medium Sized Business Banking
Mr. Fadlo Choueiri
Securitization & Structured Finance
Mr. Meguerditch Bouldoukian
Global Business development
Mr. Yasser Mortada
Business Development for Domestic Corporate Affairs
Mr. Anthony Jabbour
Financial Institutions & Correspondent Banking
Ms. Dina Chamseddine
Commercial Retail Lending & Kafalat
Mr. Fady Sader
Consumer Banking & Retail Products
Mr. Pierre Abou Merhi
Recovery Department
Mr. Youssef Khoriaty
Information Department
Mr. Robert Araman
Treasury Management
Mr. Nabil Aouad
Foreign Exchange Management
Mr. Halim Abou Arraj
Private Banking
Mr. Georges Homsi
Business Development
Mr. Nadim Chbeir
Foreign Entities
Mr. Elie Torbey
Insurance Services
Mr. Christian Besse
Mr. Elias Azzam
Marketing & Sales Management
Ms. Grace Azoury
E-channels and Customer Service
Ms. Najwa Hajjar
Public Relations
Ms. Nina Srour
Consumer Protection & Corporate Publishing
Ms. Yvette Kabkab
Head of Chairman's Office
Mr. Ghassan Mouzawak
Mr. Charles Mousallem
AML / CFT - Correspondent Banking
Mr. Wael Saikaly
Mr. Bahjat Abi Nader
Regulatory Compliance
Mr. Najib Batlouni
Central Operations
Mr. Joseph Aoukar
Trade Finance
Mr. Said Khairallah
Treasury & Global Markets Back Office
Mr. Jean Mikhael
Administration & Support Services
Mr. Claude Saade
System Implementation & Support
Ms. Joelle Nasr
Methods & Procedures
Ms. Liliane Smayra
Product Development
Ms. Fabiola Abou Ghazali
Business Continuity Planning
Mr. Tony Chebli
Information Security
Ms. Mireille Hardane
Operational Risk Management
Ms. Pauline Feghali
Credit Administraton & Control
Ms. Nazha Awad
Retail Commercial Credit Risk Analysis
Mr. Camille Adouane
Credit, IT & E-Banking Audit
Mr. Jamil Samaha
Head Office Audit
Ms. Marie Nahoul
Branches Audit
Ms. Laureine Bou Malhab
Recruitment & Evaluation
Mr. Bassam Nammour
Training & Development
Ms. Gretta Bridi
Compensation & Benefits
Mr. Elie Gergi
IT Infra-structure
Mr. Hanna Azzam
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Mr. Joseph Youssef El Soueidy
Central Accounting
Ms. Therese Hajj
Performance & Budget Control
Ms. Hayat Nader
Governments and Public Institutions Relations Coordinator
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Banks list No.53-CRB:10742
Online & Phone Banking service – BDL 1/984 – July 11,2000
PayMobey service - BDL legal department 11/391 - August 14, 2013
Mobile Application service – BDL legal department 11/392 - August 14, 2013
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